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Video lesson "Christmas:The Lost Letter"

1/Watch the video:

2/Complete the rows:


The light from a window glows warm and 1) ________

A young 2) _________ was busily writing

At last with his letter to 3) ________ complete

Cadet 4 ) _______ Frankling ran out to the street

One house remained dark

No 5) ______,no 6) ________ not so much as a spark


3/Order the next rows:



There in a room stood Henry delighted


And so he began to dispense Christmas cheer


Henry was out implementing plan B


Until the old girl made her feelings quite clear


Ready to help though he’d not been invited


Even now as the lady sat sipping her tea


4/ True or false

1.Henry came into the chimney.

2.He broke a picture of the lady’s daughter.

3.Long time ago a girl asked Santa to bring her a daughter.

4.That wish came true.

5.Henry decided that Santa doesn’t exist.

6. The lady got Henry out the house.


5/ Answer in few sentences to the questions:

1.What really happened with the lady’s letter?

2.What did she do with letters later?

3.What happened the next morning?


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